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A portrait of Dror Einav


Dror Einav is an award-winning culinary and Still-Life photographer based in Israel. Dror's work is characterized by aesthetics and detail-oriented, from the conceptualizing formulation stage, through the creative construction to the final execution that evokes the viewer's emotion, desire, and imagination.
His studio, which is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, has a state of the art lighting and monitoring, a variety of backgrounds, a fully equipped kitchen, and a seating and refreshment area - All of this creates a comfortable and efficient on-set experience.
In addition to photography, Dror offers a unique collaborative approach with professionals in the fields of production, art, video, and design.
Among his clients, you will find Tnuva, Strauss, Roladin, Schweppes, IKEA, BOSCH, as well as other leading and a diverse range of brands in Israel and abroad.

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